About company

ZPU Miedzyrzecz Sp. z o.o. has been active on the Polish market since 1990. Until 2000 it had been a private partnership operating under the name of Zakład Produkcyjno Usługowy s.c., and in December 2000, as a result of ownership transformation, Zakład Produkcyjno Usługowy Międzyrzecz POLSKIE RURY PREIZOLOWANE Sp. z o.o. was formed and has been operating under that name.

Zakład Produkcyjno Usługowy Międzyrzecz POLSKIE RURY PREIZOLOWANE Sp. z o.o. is a specialist and modern company whose European standard of services and a high quality of offered products is achieved through effective operations, management and organization.

The company’s strategy rests on its experience in the provision of comprehensive construction and assembly services and comprehensive supplies of preinsulated pipes and fittings. We design, manufacture, assemble and service preinsulated pipes and fittings used in buried and ground district heating utilities, and PE pipes used in water mains and sanitary drainage networks as well as other engineering solution generally identified as “ZPU Międzyrzecz Sp. z o.o. System”.

The preinsulated pipe and fitting system is intended for district heating utilities and industrial use, and are meant to transmit various heating mediums, including basically hot water, hot tap water and water steam.

We are a company taking advantage of engineering and technological design novelties. Our production is based on materials from renown suppliers, holding quality certificates and guaranteeing that any material purchased from them is of highest quality.

PU Międzyrzecz Sp. z o.o. has implemented a Quality Management System compliant with the standard PN-EN ISO 9001:2010-15, integrated with the Environmental Management System PN-EN ISO 14001:2015-09 and recognised by PCBC Quality System Certificate No JS-124/6/2016.

On 23 May 2007 we were awarded certificate 01 / 471701 by the international organisation associating customers of preinsulated products Euroheat & Power from Sweden which recognises the compliance and quality of our preinsulated product with the guidelines by Euroheat & Power and the requirements set out by standards EN 253 and EN 448.

The Company manufactures preinsulated units which meet the requirements specified by Polish standards: PN-EN 253/A1:2007/A2:2006(U), PN-EN 448, PN-EN 488, PN-EN 489, PN-EN 13941, PN-EN 14419, and Technical Approvals issued by COBRTI INSTAL, Warsaw, which attest the usability of our products in the construction industry.

We manufacture pipe and fittings in production facilities built between 1998 and 2015 of the floorage:

  • production shops of the floorage of 10 198 m2;
  • end product storage facilities of the floorage of 2 597 m2;
  • storage yard of the area of 76 893 m2.

To meet our customers’ expectations and requirements we are planning to expand our production floorage and construct new end product storage facilities.

We hope that the information presented on our website will prove to be of interest to you and will prompt you to a closer cooperation with us.