Flexible pipes

Flexible pipe systems

  1. M-Pex® flexible pipes

M-Pex® flexible pre-insulated pipes are intended for the transmission of heating media and hot tap water from the place of their production to the place of consumption.

Pipes are produced in two series of types:     
• 6 bar for transferring water to central heating with a temperature of up to 90ºC,          
• 10 Bar for hot water transfer. with a temperature of up to 60ºC

Flexible M-Pex® pipes are produced as single pipes with diameters from 25 to 125mm, and double pipes with diameters from 25 to 63mm. For 6 bar pipes, these are two identical pipes in one insulation, while for domestic hot water pipes two different diameters of the service pipe (the larger diameter in the supply, in the condensate – smaller). The whole system also includes all kinds of fittings, such as prefabricated elbows, flat and elevated tees, Y-fittings for transitions from single to double pipes, heat shrink joints, tee insulating joints, end caps, wall transitions and end sleeves. These fittings are made of brass resistant to dezincification and are characterized by a modular structure and simple assembly.

M-Pex® pipes are delivered to the construction site in coils up to 400 m long, with diameters ranging from Dz 25 to Dz 125, unrolled from the coil directly into the excavation. The flexibility of the pipes allows for free shaping of the pipeline route and avoiding obstacles without using fittings in the network, and thus the number of connections is eliminated.

The advantages of the M-Pex® flexible pipe system are:          
• elimination of elbows and other compensating devices – pipelines are self-compensating,
• elimination of welded joints,
• increase in system reliability by eliminating connectors,
• reduction of labor costs by shortening the construction time, no tests of welded joints,
• quick assembly without special tools using flat hydraulic wrenches,
• low pressure losses due to the low roughness of the service pipe,
• high resistance to corrosion and chemical substances,
• easy collision avoidance,
• ease of execution – a small group of people without specialized equipment,
• resistance to incrustation – internal growth of the service pipe with boiler scale.

  1. DAR-FLEX flexible steel pipes
    DAR-FLEX flexible pre-insulated pipes with a steel service pipe are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the PN-EN 15632 standard, with diameters of 20, 25 and 28 mm. We supply this pipe in coils up to 400 m long, depending on the customer’s needs. The coefficient of thermal conductivity, determined by FFI Hannover, is 0.023 W/mK.

At the customer’s request, the pipe assembly can be equipped with an aluminum diffusion barrier and a leak detection alarm system.